1. All advertisement bookings are governed by the standard terms and conditions of the Publisher, who reserves the right to change or amend these terms and conditions whenever necessary.

2. Notwithstanding the terms and conditions stated on the advertisers’ or agencies’ contracts, the placing of an order or contract will be deemed an acceptance or the publisher’s rules and regulations.

3. The publisher will not be responsible for any omission to insert an advertisement and reserves the right to reject or cancel any order
without explanation, notwithstanding acceptance of payment.

4. The publisher is indemnified against all claims, actions, suits demands, losses, costs and expenses in respect of any advertisement
published under instructions from an advertiser or his advertising agency.

5. Placement of ads on specifi ed pages are subject to the prevailing loading charges. whilst the publisher endeavors to place all ads in the best position possible where no loading charge is levied, the ad will be placed at the ndiscretion of the publisher.

6. Advertisement space sold is governed by the publisher’s technical data.

7. Restrictions on sizes of advertisement are governed by prevailing conditions and will vary from time to time according to publisher’s advice.

8. Copy of English advertisement required to be set in Chinese will be charged a translation fee.

9. All casual ads must be paid in advance. Cheques should be made payable to Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad.

10. Complaints on ads must be brought to the publisher’s attention within seven days of publication, otherwise they may not be

11. The advertiser should furnish the publisher with name, address, I/C No. and other particulars requested by the publisher.

12. Any advertisement that simulates editorial format, the publisher reserves the right to insert the word‘advertisement’ on the top of the page.

13. In the case where the digital artwork is provided by the advertiser, the publisher will not be responsible for any technical fault or any
differences in artwork compare to the original references due to incompatible computer operating systems.

14. The publisher reserves the right to change copy deadlines as and when necessary.

15. Incomplete artwork will not be accepted, not-withstanding acceptance of the contract in advance. However, clients/ agencies will be charged for the space booked in the event of non-publication due to late/ incomplete artwork.

16. The publisher can provide the service of designing the artwork for the advertisement. In such cases, a reasonable fee will be charged.

—Within 30 days before publication : 50% surcharge.
—Within 7 days before publication : 100% surcharge.


2.本报不受广告刊户或广告代理商在其广告合约或订单上所列明之任何条件之限制。在本报刊登广告,即被视为接受本报 所拟定之规则与条例。

3.本报对因任何原因未能如期刊登之广告所产生任何损失,概不负责,同时亦保留在无须说明理由的情形下,拒绝或取消 任何广告之权利(包括已付款之广告)。

4.遵照广告刊户或广告代理商指示刊登之广告若引起任何纠 纷,法律讼诉,赔偿损失或其他费用,本报概不负责。

5.凡指明刊登在指定的广告,均需另付指定版位附加费,否 则,广告刊登之版位概由本报分配,不得异议。




9.所有短期广告需预付,支票付给: Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad

10.若对已刊登之广告有任何异议,则须在广告刊登后之七天内 通知本报,逾期将不受处理。

11.广告刊户应提供本身姓名与身份证号码。 12.凡以新闻式刊登的广告,本报有权在版位上注明为‘广告’的 字眼。

13.客户提供电子格式稿,并由本报代为开启采用,如因电脑系 统及制作格式不同等影响刊出内容效果不符原稿,本报概不 负责后果。


15.不论广告合约或订单是否已被本报所接受,本报将不接受任 何未完成之画稿。倘因稿件迟来或画稿未完成而使广告未能 刊出,则刊户或广告代理商必须照付广告费。 16.本报可协助广告设计划稿,收费合理。 取消广告附加费: —若在刊登30天内取消,刊户须承担50%广告费。 —若在刊登7天内取消,刊户须承担100%广告费。

16. 本报可协助广告设计划稿,收费合理。