1. 資助需要財務援助的學生在本地完成大專教育,並協助他們選修國內外高等教育機構所提供的全免文憑/學位課程。
  2. 體現對人文精神的重視,關懷清寒與弱勢群體及協助提升社會教育水平。
Open for E-Application on 15 January 2016

♡ 至 誠 感 謝 ♡

* 欲了解課程詳情,請點擊以下各相關大專院校的標志。/ Please click on the following logos for course details.



如何獲取獎學金申請表格 (How to get the application form):

You may refer to the following application steps,

獎學金申請之步驟 (Application steps):
  1. 首先﹐您必須在星洲日報教育基金的官網報名注冊成為會員。
    Firstly, you are required to register online as a member in Sin Chew Daily Education Fund official website.

  2. 成功注冊成為會員后﹐您可直接進入星洲日報教育基金網站以啟動電子申請 表格。
    After successful registration, you may log in to activate the E-application form through Sin Chew Education Fund website.

  3. 完整填妥資料后﹐請列印出電子申請表格(共19頁)。
    The E-application form must be completely filled and printed out (19 pages).

  4. 在打印出來的申請表格上簽名後,連同相關文件一起寄至以下地址。
    Upon signing the printed application form, please attach the relevant documents, and post to the address as shown below.

  5. 遞交文件圖片參考 Pictures reference for documents submission : (下載PDF格式,6.53MB)

申請程序 (Procedures):

所有書信聲明必須上網完整輸入或清晰打印。一旦發現申請者虛報資料或刻意隱瞞資料﹐將立即淘汰。所需文件必須隨同申請一起呈上。逾期交上的申請將不被接受。所有申請書必須封在信封裡﹐並在信封左上角注明選擇大專院校/ 科系。

Please note that any false particulars, information, documents, untruthful material facts or misrepresentations will subject you to disqualification. The application form should be electronically submitted and printed out clearly and must be accompanied by the required documents and must be submitted before the published closing date. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt. The selected course(s) and college/ univeristy must be clearly written or printed on the top left hand corner of the envelope. The “Sin Chew Daily Education Fund” ’s address is as follows:

Sin Chew Daily Education Fund
Sin Chew Media Corporation Berhad (Corp Comm & Promotion Dept)
19 Jalan Semangat
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Note: Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.


a) 網上登記:12/3/2016
b) 郵寄表格:16/3/2016

Application deadline:
a) For Online Registration: 12/3/2016.
b) For Posting Application Form: 16/3/2016.

申請者必須符合以下條件 (Applicants MUST fullfil the requirements below)﹕


The following terms and conditions shall apply to all applications: -

  1. 申請者必須是在1991年1月1日或之後出世的馬來西亞公民。
    The applicant must be a Malaysian citizen born on or after 1st January 1991.

  2. 申請者不得以預考成績申請有關獎學金,每人只能申請一個名額。
    Trial Examination results do not qualify for the scholarship award. Each person is only entitled to one application.

  3. 申請者須了解此獎學金並非現金,而是各參與大專院校提供的免費學術課程 (不包含生活費) 並以直接扣除學費的形式發給。因此,在申請前,務必考量能否承擔基本生活開支。
    The applicant must understand this scholarship is not cash award, but will be in the form of academics courses to be offered by the participating educational institutions with the direct deduction from tuition fees (living expenses are excluded). Therefore, it is advisable to measure the basic cost of living before proceed with an application.

  4. 在馬來西亞教育文憑/A 水平/馬來西亞高級學校文憑/獨中統考或其他同等考試中考獲優秀成績。尚未取得最後總成績單或畢業證書的就讀生,不符合申請資格。
    Students must possess good results in SPM/A-Level/ STPM/ UEC or other equivalent qualifications. Students who have not obtained final results or certificate are not eligible to apply.

  5. 活躍於運動和課外活動。
    Students must be active in sports and extra-curricular activities.

  6. 未曾接受﹐也不受任何學院或機構所提供的輔助金/獎學金之約束。
    Students must not be bonded or in receipt of any financial aid or rewards from other educational organisations or institutions.

  7. 只有入選的申請者才獲得相關大學/學院的面試通知。
    Only shortlisted candidates would be notified for interview by the respective Colleges/ Universities.

  8. 在面試時,獎學金入選者必須提呈正本的文憑。
    The applicants must produce original copies of the examination results and all other relevant documents during the interview.

  9. 評審團選出的結果是最後的決定;任何有關要求或投訴,恕不處理。
    The selection committee’s decision in all matters pertaining to the selection of the scholarship award is final and no appeal, inquiry or correspondence will be entertained.

  10. 學生必須達到學院/大學所規定的成績標準,才有資格被獲選獎學金的機會。
    Students must meet the minimum requirement set by the Colleges/ Universities in order to be qualified for selection.

  11. 各學院、大學及課程都有不同的入學資格,申請者瀏覽星洲日報教育基金( http://www.sinchew.com.my/scedufund2016 ) 或直接向有關的學院、大學查詢。
    Different colleges, universities and courses have different entry requirements. Please logon to Sin Chew Daily Education Fund official website ( http://www.sinchew.com.my/scedufund2016 ) or liaise directly with the colleges or universities concerned for more details.

  12. 學生不能在修讀有關課程期間,未經“星洲”或大學/學院允許放棄、中斷或轉換課程、工作或兼職,除非有關的工作是有關課程的一部分。
    The recipient is not to discontinue or switch Course or to take up any full or part time employment while pursuing the said Course without the prior written approval of “SCMCB” or The College/ University concerned unless such employment is part and parcel or related to the said Course

  13. 學生不能參加、參與、涉及任何“星洲”或大學/學院認為會羞辱有關深造國家或大馬的活動或團體組織,或者進行任何深造國家或大馬法律所嚴禁的不法活動。
    The recipient is not allowed to participate in any form of illegal activity or join any unlawful organisations which in the opinion of “SCMCB” or The College/ University would embarrass or cause disrepute to all parties concerned throughout the study period. 

  14. 學生必須全程修讀、準時上課、用功及不缺席(除非生病或短暫身體殘障)任何有關課程所指定的講課、指導課和課程。
    The recipient is to attend all classes, lectures, tutorials and lessons as required by the said Course regularly and diligently unless he or she is medically unfit to do so.

  15. 申請者必須達到學院規定的每個學期的成績標準,才可以在下個學期繼續享有獎學金。同時,學生必須實踐良好行為並跟隨學院/大學所規定一切規則和法規。
    Applicant must meet the minimum requirement set by Colleges/ Universities in order to be eligible for the next semester’s scholarship awards. The recipient is required to obey all rules and regulations of the participating College/ University at all time and is expected to conduct himself/ herself in a respectable manner.

  16. 參與學院/大學及“星洲媒體”不需負任何義務延長有關學生在修讀期限屆滿後之獎學金。
    The participating College/ University and “SCMCB” are not obligated to extend the award beyond the existing academic period.

  17. “星洲媒體”有權增刪以上的規則及課程,而不另行通知。任何異議,恕不處理。
    “SCMCB” reserve their right to add or amend the rules and regulations contained and course/ programme listed herein without prior notice. No complaint whatsoever shall be entertained.

  18. 中英文版本若出現意思上的沖突,應以英文版本的意思為準。
    In the event of any conflict between the Chinese and English versions as stated in this application, the English version shall prevail and shall be the principal and primary text of interpretation.

  19. 有關獎學金并不是由“星洲媒體”直接供給。而是通過星洲日報來接領參與大專院校所提供的學術課程名額。學生在有必要時,必須與獎學金提供單位簽署合約。
    The awards are not directly offered by “SCMCB” but will be in the form of tuition fee waivers for the academics courses to be offered by the participating educational institutions through “SCMCB”. The recipient may be required to sign a scholarship agreement with the participating Colleges/ Universities if necessary. 

  20. 落選“2016年星洲日報教育基金”的申請者可獲得“星洲日報讀者助學計劃”提供的額外遴選資格(須符合條件)。
    Unsuccessful applicants of the “Sin Chew Daily Education Fund 2016”are eligible for an additional scholarship selection under the “Sin Chew Readers Study Aid Project” (Terms & Conditions apply).

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