Chinese embassy donates RM100,000 for food distribution during pandemic

PETALING JAYA, Sep 5 (Sin Chew Daily) — The Embassy of China has donated RM100,000 to Malaysian Youth Council (MYC) to buy necessity items and food for Malaysians affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

MYC president Jufitri Joha issued a statement that the Embassy of China in Kuala Lumpur donated RM100,000 to MYC on August 27 to provide necessity items and food to Malaysians affected by the pandemic under a collaboration project called Prosperity Box.

Chinese Ambassador Ouyang Yujin

Juftri said Ambassador Ouyang Yujing was happy working with young people, saying the collaboration marked the 47 years of friendship between China and Malaysia.

The ambassador hoped the project could help people affected by the pandemic.

MYC hoped the collaboration would further enhance friendship and humanitarian spirit  of two countries.

“MYC extends its appreciation to the Embassy of China and would be distributing the aid to various parts of Malaysia through its councils at state level and volunteers channel as soon as possible,” it said.

Ouyang Yujin
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