12:43pm 06/09/2021
What did our Olympians bring to Tokyo?

Other than things needed for their daily training, athletes traveling overseas for tournaments will normally bring along a whole range of stuffs such as protective gears, health supplements, clothing and other personal effects.

Let’s take a look at what some of our Olympians brought.

Dato’ Azizulhasni Awang, silver medalist in Men’s Keirin at Tokyo 2020

Two pieces of luggage just for his bicycle, plus a book to read and the Holy Koran.

Azizulhasni’s luggage typically weighs about 20 to 25kg each time he travel overseas for tournament, plus two pieces of luggage for his bicycle and another one for the tires. As such, he will try his best to keep his personal effects to a minimum due to the sheer size of the essential items.

For major tournaments, Azizulhasni will normally take along two bikes: one track bike for competition and another road bike for training and warm-up. Additionally, he may also bring along a bike trainer for him to practice in very tight indoor space during quarantine.

Besides the bikes, safety helmet is another must, and Azizulhasni will normally bring along two, one each for training and competition.

Health supplements such as protein powder and vitamin tablets are equally important, and an Allen key to assemble and dissemble his bikes is simply indispensable.

He wrote in social media after winning a medal in Tokyo that his recipe of success has been reading the Holy Koran.

Reading is very important. When you get physically exhausted after a tough training session and are back to your room to rest, reading will relax you and relieve your tension.”

Azizulhasni’s must-have travel companions: 01 Bike trainer. 02 Muscle roller for massaging legs, back, butts, neck and shoulders to relieve tension and expedite muscle recovery. 03 Elastic band. 04 Books. 05 Bike suit. 06 Cycling shoes. 07 Road bike for warm-up and practice.

Cheong Jun Hoong, 2017 World Aquatics Championships 10m platform event gold medalist

Cheong says each time she travels overseas for tournament, her luggage will typically weight around 20kg.

Among the things she will bring along are swim suit, bracer, plaster tape, muscle patch, absorbent towel, anti-slip cream, etc.

Due to the big impact from diving, such protective accessories are absolutely necessary.

As for shoes they are not really that important for a diver and a pair of normal sports shoes is just good enough.

As for relaxation, she will usually listen to songs, play mobile games, and munching some snacks such as candies.

Cheong’s must-have travel companions: 01 Anti-slip cream. 02 Absorbent towel. 03 Swim suit. 04 Bracer. 05 One-liter water bottle. 06 Massage ball for massaging waist, shoulders, back, hips and soles to relieve tension and promote blood circulation. 07 Elastic band. 08 Muscle patch. 09 Plaster tape. 10 Skin base film. 11 Massage roller. 12 Passport. 13 Pen. 14 Earphones. 15 Hair pin. 16 Bolster. 17 Comb. 18 Face mask. 19 Cream. 20 Wallet.

Goh Liu Ying, Mixed Doubles silver medalist in Rio de Janeiro 2016

Normally Goh will bring a large piece and another smaller piece of luggage with her each time she travels overseas for tournament, including five or six rackets and some badminton strings, racket overgrip and one or two tubes of shuttlecocks.

Due to the profuse sweating after each training session or match, she will need to bring along enough clothing for change. Besides, she also brings a few pairs of badminton shoes, jogging shoes, etc. along with at least five pairs of socks.

Additionally, her luggage will also include things like plaster tape, energy supplements, health supplements, towel, knee pad, pain killer, etc.

She will also bring along a book or two for reading. Sometimes she will play mobile games for entertainment.

Goh’s must-have travel companions: 01 Racket. 02 Elastic band. 03 Racket strings. 04 Plaster tape. 05 Massage ball. 06 Socks. 07 Book. 08 Knee pad. 09 Olympic badges from different countries she has swapped with other athletes. 10 Face masks from different countries. 11 Bag accessories.




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