12:52pm 23/12/2021
Unsung heroes to the rescue of flood victims
Fo Guang Shan volunteers delivering food to the flood victims. (DONG ZEN TEMPLE)

Many helpful people deliver food and rescue victims trapped at their homes.

Many non-profit organizations have resorted to various methods to rescue people trapped in flooded areas in Klang Valley.

Buddhist group Fo Guang Shan and Yayasan Sin Chew wasted no time to kick start their flood relief operation by delivering food and water donated by companies and well wishers to flood-hit areas with a pick-up truck.

Led by Ven Hui Hu, the FGS relief team also dispatched a boat to rescue senior citizens and the disabled trapped at their homes.

Matrix Concepts Holdings Bhd donated 2,000kg of rice, vermicelli and cooking oil to Dong Zen Temple under FGS, while FamilyMart donated 19,000 sets of bread, rice, cakes and other food for the relief team to deliver to families in flood-hit areas.

Matrix Concepts Holding Bhd founder Datuk Lee Tian Hock and wife donate 2,000kg of rice to help the flood victims.

Many well wishers donated biscuits, mineral water and others to flood victims through FGS.

As cars were inaccessible to the housing estates hit by the floods, the FGS relief team delivered food and donated items to the flood victims with boats.

At the same time, the volunteers also helped relocate people trapped on rooftops to safe places.

On Dec 21, Yayasan Sin Chew and FGS delivered 1,000 to 3,000 packs of food to flood victims in Klang Valley.

The two groups would also deliver milk powder and diapers to flood victims in Bentong and Karak.

Relief organization Ops Harapan founder Ng Yeen Seen said members of the public had joined the organization as volunteers to help the flood victims since Dec 18.

Companies involved in food production contributed food immediately.

Fo Guang Shan relief team helps transport physically handicapped people by boat. (DONG ZEN TEMPLE)

“As water and electricity have been cut off in areas affected by the floods, families are unable to cook.

“We contact restaurants to cook and then we deliver the food to the flood victims,” she said.

Ng said the group focused on senior citizens and people who are sick.

Social enterprise What A Waste has also extended a helping hand to help the flood victims round the clock.

Collaborating with several restaurants, What A Waste delivered food to flood victims at temporary shelters or relief centers, with the hope the food would cheer them up.

Angela Tan, founder of What A Waste, said the group also contributed food to the frontliners at relief centers.

The mission of What A Waste is to reduce food wastage by sending excess food to people who need.

Food for flood victims from Ops Harapan (L) and What A Waste.


Fo Guang Shan


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