6:49pm 26/12/2021
Over 2,200 volunteers help clean up homes in Taman Sri Muda
Tzu-Chi volunteers with their own cleaning tools for the clean-up operation.

SHAH ALAM, Dec 26 (Sin Chew Daily) — About 2,200 people responded to Buddhist group Tzu-Chi’s call to volunteer on Christmas day.

They were at Taman Sri Muda in Shah Alam to help families affected by the recent floods to clean up their homes.

A total of 1,500 volunteers from Tzu-Chi and 700 members of the public, including some from private companies, were at Taman Sri Muda with a team of 300 soldiers from the 502 Territorial Army under the 4th Malaysian Infantry Division (4 Div) and Shah Alam City Council (MBSA).

Yang Zhang Hua, chief coordinator of Tzu-Chi’s flood relief mission in Taman Sri Muda, said many flood victims were helpless and devastated when they witnessed their homes damaged in the floods.

“Tzu-Chi mobilized a mega clean-up team immediately after realizing the severity of the December 18 floods while calling more people to help as volunteers.

“We need manpower to clean up as soon as possible so that the flood victims can start afresh,” said Yang.

Volunteers help remove furniture damaged by the floods.

As Taman Sri Muda is huge, the clean-up team was divided into four different zones to be cleaned up in three days.

Some 500 homes are estimated to be cleaned up by the volunteers.

Tzu-Chi volunteers planned to clean up more than 200 homes in three days, he said.

A total of 11 excavators, five garbage trucks, 41 units of 4WDs and various cleaning tools were used on Christmas day from 8am to 3pm, he said.

The four-wheel-drive vehicles were moving around Taman Sri Muda to clear the garbage and bulky damaged items.

Volunteers also assisted families to discard the bulky items.

“We also help to clean up public parks and schools,” he said.

Tzu-Chi has divided relief operation into three phases – first phase by offering food and goods to the victims, followed by cleaning up in the second phase.

After cleaning up, Tzu-Chin would be delivering cash aid to victims in the third phase.

Volunteers cleaning up one of the back lanes.


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