4:33pm 28/12/2021
Public kitchen to prepare meals for fellow flood victims
Sungai Dua villagers have set up a public kitchen to prepare meals for the village as 80% of homes suffer damages from the floods.

BENTONG, Dec 28 (Sin Chew Daily) — Sungai Dua villagers have started a public kitchen as 80% of the houses are damaged by the recent floods.

A flood relief committee has been set up the villagers to help one another after access to the village was cut off due to rising flood waters.

Flood relief committee chairman Li Shi Kang said water and electricity supplies were cut off during the floods.

Telecommunication service was disrupted and access to the village was also cut off.

A total of 132 families or 400 residents are affected by the floods, with some places under more than three meters of water.

The villagers have resorted to helping themselves by setting up a public kitchen to cook for the whole village.

Villagers whose homes were not flooded prepare the meals for the entire village at a local temple.

The village has received donations from non-profit organizations and individuals who deliver mineral water, rice, bread, pampers, mattresses and others.

Li said some villagers carried water from a nearby river for others to clean their mud-covered homes.

The village is in urgent need of trucks and excavators to help clear the debris and garbage.

Former Bentong member of parliament Tan Sri Liow Tiong Lai arranged for more than 30 volunteers to help the villagers in the massive clean-up operation.

Both Sungai Dua and Sungai Perdak in Bentong are badly hit by the floods.

Liow Tiong Lai helps the villagers clear the debris after flood waters have subsided.




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