4:47pm 05/01/2022
Man with two jobs take leave to help clean flood victims’ homes
S. Partiban (L2) and wife Sanderkala are passionate about helping other people even though they are not rich. (S. PARTIBAN)

IPOH, Jan 5 (Sin Chew Daily) — When S. Partiban saw the video clip on WhatsApp that flood victims in Taman Sri Muda appealed for help, the father of seven who works as a gardener during the day and a security guard at night, decided to help.

He applied leave to take a night off as a security guard at a school in Kampar, and called some friends to join him to help flood victims in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam.

Partiban, who is earning only RM3,000 a month, forked out RM500 to buy 15 packs of milk powder and six packs diapers before leaving Kampar at 4.30am on December 26.

He picked up seven friends in Tapah, Slim River and Teluk Intan along the way while heading to Selangor.

Unfamiliar with the area, they sought help from the community leader at Taman Sri Muda to find out the families which needed help – senior citizens and those whose children were not with them.

Armed with water jets, brooms, detergents, gloves and boots they brought along, eight of them helped four Malay families, two Chinese families and one Indian family clean up a total of seven homes until 9pm.

Without taking a break, they drove home straight from Taman Sri Muda and reached home past midnight.

Partiban was back at Kampar Tamil primary school as the gardener on Monday morning.

S. Partiban (L2) hands over diapers and milk powder to flood victims. (S. PARTIBAN)

Despite feeling tired, Partiban still discussed with friends to find out ways to help flood victims in Pahang the following week.

“I saw many houses covered in mud in Pahang. I share their feeling of helplessness,” he said.

It was tough for the flood victims as well as Partiban, who is raising a family with seven children aged between three and 16.

His second child was born with a-hole in the heart, forcing him to take up two jobs – a gardener at Kampar Tamil primary school during the day and a security guard at SMK Sentosa at night.

His day job, which starts at 7.30am, ends at 4pm. With only three hours of rest, he will be a security guard from 7pm until 7am.
Meanwhile, his wife C. Sanderkala paints henna for wedding couple to earn extra income.

“I have seven children and many financial issues. When I see poor families with children, I understand the hardship they are going through.

“Three years ago I started to help others with a friend involved in community services. I receive calls occasionally from strangers asking for help,” he said.

He once received a call at midnight from a mother who lost her job during the COVID-19 pandemic and had no money to buy milk powder for her children.

Sanderkala helped him by sending milk powder, rice and cooking oil from the house to her.

Partiban then posted the plight of this mother on social media to help raise fund.

“I normally would assess the case first. If the request is not too difficult, I would help myself without asking help from others on social media,” he said.

Partiban shot to fame in social media after Viral Perak posted on Facebook about him taking leave to help flood victims in Shah Alam.

S. Partiban works as a security guard at SMK Sentosa in Kampar at night. (S. PARTIBAN)




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