4:06pm 02/02/2023
Gaming should not be banned in Perlis, says Perlis Chinese Chamber of Commerce

KANGAR: Educate people the disadvantages of gambling and not shutting down gaming outlets in the state, says Perlis Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

“The chamber does not encourage gaming activities but is of the view that the government should not control the people’s entertainment activities,” it said in a statement in response to the state government’s plan to shut down gaming outlets in the state.

The chamber said the state government should instead educate people the disadvantages of gambling, and propose and promote business development in the state to drive the state economy.

It also urges the state government to study the pros and cons of shutting down gaming outlets including the legal perspective.

“Shutting down gaming outlets does not effectively solve gambling issues,” said the chamber.

People are still able to place their bets overseas and engage in other types of gaming activities, it said, adding that illegal gaming activities may thrive because of the gaming ban.

The government may find it more difficult to control illegal gaming activities, it said, adding that the government will have lower tax collection needed for the state’s development.

The Perikatan-led Perlis state government said earlier that it would be studying the legal aspects before taking steps to close 4D gaming outlets in the state.

The proposed move follows neighboring Kedah which no longer renews the licenses of 4D gaming outlets from January 1.




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