3:09pm 31/07/2021
The chance for Umno, Warisan, MCA and GPS to save Malaysia

By Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

With the huge blunder created by PAS' Takiyuddin in a recent parliamentary 'briefing', the door is wide open for four parties to reset Malaysia.

At the moment, these parties are not thinking about Malaysia but their own personal gratification, their race and their own people.

The Sabahan and Sarawakian politicians, I assume, will be asking what's in it for them and their own people?

This is a fair question in politics, but I must remind these two parties that they are both part of Malaysia. If Malaysia becomes a failed state under incompetent and selfish leaders, we will all suffer.

The leadership of the present regime has shown its ability to destroy parliamentary democracy and along with it the sacred right of self-governance to all the rakyat and our children's future by replacing it with their racial-religious and self-gratification politics.

Warisan and GPS must look at the bigger picture and the far future rather than settle with immediate gratification that looks juicy and justifiable but in reality it is a slow poison towards death and destruction for the two nations.

Umno is still playing politics to be top dog in a coalition that has already gone to the dogs. Perhaps even dogs won't admit to be associated with these people.

Umno wants to be the leader of PN and justifies it by saying that they were never part of the blunders of this government ever since they agreed to cooperate.

Sorry-lah Umno…please pull the other foot. Everyone knows that the Umno minister cluster is the ones piling praises on the PN ever since day one of the Sheraton Move.

All the gravy train that came within the move has made the Umno minister-GLC group too fat to think straight or even move an inch.

They are filled to the brim of their stomach with durian fests and money from hardworking Malaysians of mostly non-Malay taxpayers.

Umno leaders like Tok Mat and Khaled Nordin must reengineer their party to be with a group that they 'so called' detest, Anwar and the DAP.

Until Umno decides to be with Anwar and the DAP, the new politics of Umno will never surface.

A new Malaysia can only be given life by different parents and not by inbreeding race-based parties like PAS, Bersatu and Umno.

If Umno remains with PN and succeeds in taking the leadership role, Malaysians will reject it and so will most Malays who are well versed with the failures of the pandemic and the Prihatin packages.

What can I say about the MCA? Will they still support this Malay and Islamic based parties so that there is some 'Chinese' presence in the government?

So noble, is it really? I don't think so.

The Malays have a saying 'seekor kerbau membawa lumpur habis semua terpalit'. If one buffalo carries shit on its body, the others in the cow pen will all stink.

MCA will need a backbone transplant if they still think with their pockets and not with their heads.

What is in it for the Chinese people, MCA will ask. Same as to the Sabahans and Sarawakians, my answer is we are all Malaysians. Tribalism of Melayu, Cina, Sabahans and Sarawakians in politics will win small battle victories but lose the war of a Malaysia for all.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong has shown his integrity in his two letters. When will Umno, Warisan, GPS and MCA politicians show their letters of being a true Malaysian?

For shame! We should not have put His Majesty in this awkward position because Malaysia is and always will be our problem…the ordinary people's problem.

We should solve our own problems and not rely on others. His Majesty could have remained silent and perhaps get many benefits from PN but he did not.

On this day, I am ashamed to call myself a citizen of Malaysia because the MPs that we as citizens elected chose to think for their own self and their own race or people but not, like His Majesty, think for the future of our children in Malaysia.

I am appalled and ashamed as well as humbled to think that our sacred democracy lies at the foot of a symbol of feudalism, the Malay Sultan.

For shame, for shame and for shame.

The Agong has pried a small gap with his two letters. Let us not wait for his third one.

The fault now lies with Umno, Warisan, GPS and MCA if this opportunity passes on and we would have seen the last days of parliamentary democracy in our beloved nation.

Let us weep for our children and think what we should say to them when we have lost what should have been their right of citizenship and empowerment in their own place of birth.

(Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor at a local university.)



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