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Is Hadi fit to be PM?
By:Mariam Mokhtar

PAS supporters probably think that the president of PAS Hadi Awang is a man of many “talents.”

He is a preacher, but he is also a wannabe politician.

Former prime minister Mahiaddin Yassin rewarded his loyalty by making him special envoy to the Middle East, despite Hadi’s lack of diplomatic skills.

Hadi is also a rabble-rouser. His 1980s Amanat Hadi doctrine accused fellow Muslims of being infidels because they rejected his politics.

He has made several derogatory remarks about Christians, and in one incident, two Sabahans filed a lawsuit against him for being seditious.

In the run-up to GE15, Hadi attacked non-Muslims and said they were “the enemies of Islam.”

On March 28, Hadi showed off his latest skill as a crystal ball gazer when he foresaw the imminent collapse of Anwar Ibrahim’s unity government.

If Hadi’s prediction were to materialize, who do you think will be installed as Malaysia’s prime minister?

Ismail Sabri was a lackluster former PM and few can remember him for anything remarkable except his very expensive designer shirts.

Mahiaddin is another controversial former PM who lied about a Jewish and Christian agenda wanting to rule Malaysia. He is also under investigation by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) for his alleged role in the allegedly corrupt Jana Wibawa scheme to help bumiputera contractors.

What qualities would you ascribe to good prime ministers? Would you have Hadi as your PM?

Most people would agree that successful PMs would leave the country more prosperous, more united and its citizens more contented, at the end of their premiership than when they first started the job.

How has Hadi contributed to the development of Malaysia?

Hadi cannot be entrusted to even run a pisang goreng or nasi lemak stall, never mind running a state like Terengganu, or a nation like Malaysia.

As the PAS president, why didn’t he advise the PAS-led government of Kelantan to resolve its water problems? Many people complain about the “teh tarik” coming out of water pipes. Many visitors are disgusted by the litter problem in the state capital Kota Bharu.

What has Hadi done to make Kelantan youth more productive and contribute towards nation-building?

The state also has the highest incidence of drug-taking in Malaysia.

PAS members are eager to ban everything which is not Islamic. Brewing companies contribute towards the economy and pay duties and taxes to the treasury, but they are put under much pressure by religious zealots.

Concerts featuring foreign artistes are criticized for not being Islamic. These shows bring in the much needed revenue for the treasury and they also attract the tourist dollar.

Despite Hadi Awang’s many provocative remarks, why have the police not arrested him?

Hadi has done much damage with his remark that giving money in exchange for votes during elections did not break any electoral laws.

He said these corrupt acts were not bribes but were acts of charity.

He disrespects a functioning democracy when he cherry-picks the law to suit his personal political agenda.

His poor attendance record in parliament is an insult to his constituents. He was present for fewer than 30% of all parliamentary sittings.

He claimed that attending the Dewan Rakyat sitting was not like going to school and as excuse, blamed his duties as an MP and special envoy to the Middle East for his absence.

So, is he suggesting that MPs who attended parliament had failed to serve their constituencies as well as him? What did he do to bolster Middle East relations?

As special envoy to the Middle East under Mahiaddin and Ismail, Hadi enjoyed ministerial status and  received a huge salary, generous perks and a handsome pension. But what were his accomplishments towards peace in the Middle East? Can anyone list them?

In the PAS-led states of Kedah, Kelantan and Terengganu, MPs and state assemblymen enjoy a luxurious lifestyle which is the envy of many. However, their policies have failed to improve the lives of the people, and many remain in poverty.

Hadi forgets that Malaysia is a multiracial country. How can he properly govern a nation comprising people of various faiths and cultures when his goal is to impose syariah and hudud law, and make Malaysia an Islamic state?

How will he look after the interests of non-Muslim bumiputeras like the Orang Asli of peninsular Malaysia and the Orang Asal of Sabah and Sarawak? Will East Malaysia make serious efforts to secede?

What has Hadi done about protecting the environment?

Illegal logging is a contributory factor for flash flooding. The three PAS states could ban illegal logging but haven’t.

When people die, and property, plants and livestock are destroyed in the floodwaters, PAS politicians issue the cop-out phrase that little could have been done because flash flooding is an act of God.

On March 2, the Sultan of Terengganu was upset that politicians were delivering religious lectures and leading Friday sermons without approval. Hadi has openly said that he would defy the ban.

Why is he allowed to challenge the rulers and show disrespect?

Realizing the threat posed by these politicians has also prompted the Sultan of Perak to ban politicians from making speeches in mosques.

Why are religious preachers cum wannabe politicians allowed to threaten national harmony?

Is Hadi untouchable? Is he above the law?

Despite his many provocative remarks, why have the police not arrested him?

At GE15, Hadi was dressed in a PAS outfit on election day despite electoral laws prohibiting wearing anything with political logos on election day. Why was he not punished?

Hadi is divisive and is clueless about economics, community relations and environmental matters.

He may scare many Muslims with talk about life after death if they refuse to listen to him.

So, would you still have Hadi as your PM?


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(Mariam Mokhtar is a Freelance Writer.)


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