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  • Opinion/ Malaysian political Oscars 2019
    So, after one whole year of active politicking, who will w...
  • Opinion/ Vision 2020: A failed dream but still an attainable quest
    Vision 2020 may not have been realised, but there is a cha...
  • Opinion/ Let's put aside our prejudices and embrace diversity
    It is our wish that the country and society will see more ...
  • Opinion/ Asking the right question, seeking the right action
    Were the police right in getting a court injunction to pre...
  • Opinion/ Malay reactions we cannot afford to overlook
    Many Malay netizens resort to social media platforms to ve...
  • Opinion/ Wisdom to speak, not just freedom
    Many in New Malaysia now have the luxury of freedom of spe...
  • Opinion/ The case for the constitutionality of vernacular schools
    The case for the constitutionality of vernacular schools.
  • Opinion/ Putting Jawi into perspective
    It is sad that Malaysians are indeed too dumb to allow our...
  • Opinion/ A classic baffling story part two
    Putting Hishammuddin to face the disciplinary board can spur reaction from within, sp...
  • Opinion/ We cannot afford to perish in silence
    Silence is no longer the best way of responding to a crisis; it will only lead us dow...
  • Opinion/ The year of living dangerously
    There is still reason to hope in 2020, which has now become a make or break year for ...
  • Opinion/ Giving the enemy bullets
    By holding the congress, Dong Zong is giving their enemies bullets to shoot back at n...

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