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  • Opinion/ Dealing with public service: striking the right balance
    Muhyiddin recently admitted the civil service “has not yet fully warmed up to the Pak...
  • Opinion/ Is Amanah relevant any more?
    Amanah has failed completely to be the challenger to PAS and Umno...Malaysians will n...
  • Opinion/ Worry not the living but dead
    Whom will a dead Chin Peng intimidate? And are his ashes bothering anyone at all?
  • Opinion/ Forgetting the flag is traitorous but desecrating dignity is not
    We Malaysians honour the flag and symbols of our nation, but we honour the respect, m...
  • Opinion/ Abe administration remains in power for longest time in Japan’s modern history; its future outlook
    Abe administration remains in power for longest time in Japan’s modern history; its f...
  • Opinion/ TARC our common legacy
    Education is a long-term project for the well-being of our future generations. Instea...
  • Opinion/ Addressing the elite gap
    PH would be well-served to take Diana Sharma’s sage advice as a means of avoiding our...
  • Opinion/ Backing down on GSOMIA’s abolishment: How should Japan deal with South Korea redefining the battle lines?
    Despite South Korea declaring in August that it would abolish the General Security of...
  • Opinion/ Semangat Hari Kesyukuran
    By Ambassador Kamala Shirin Lakhdhir and the American-Malaysian Chamber of Commerc...
  • Opinion/ Universal values know no borders
    The essence of speech freedom is not confined to the right of expressing oneself, but...
  • Opinion/ Even in death, Chin Peng still stirs strong emotions
    They say that if you want to destroy a nation, you mess around with the children's ed...
  • Opinion/ An alliance in disunity
    A disunited alliance without a common goal will be no match for Umno-PAS.

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