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  • Opinion/ Comprehensive sex education for our teenagers
    Early sex education provides our teenagers a protective umbrella to help them grow he...
  • Opinion/ Voter betrayal will backfire
    The despicable acts of trying to keep the regime continuously in power against the wi...
  • Opinion/ Malaysia needs sustainable growth
    Sustainability must be the key focus driver in everything that we carry out in the na...
  • Opinion/ Azmin's late night meeting and 'Save Mahathir' operation
    With PPBM now losing more than 15k votes in Tanjung Piai, a call to get Mahathir to s...
  • Opinion/ Who will slay Malaysia's three-headed monster?
    Malaysians voted PH in GE14 to clean up Umno-type practices, not indulge in them.
  • Opinion/ Azmin and Umno meeting: What's the prawn behind the stone?
    Pakatan Harapan is a coalition of several well written promises, including the Manife...
  • Opinion/ PH is waiting for its Doomsday
    The PH coalition must throw in some drastic changes now instead of passively waiting ...
  • Opinion/ Wake-up call
    Can Tanjung Piai reawaken a government in deep sleep, and open the eyes of PPBM and D...
  • Opinion/ Is Muafakat Nasional the new Barisan Nasional ?
    Political analyst Dr Sivamurugan Pandian tells me it is a political ideology platform...
  • Opinion/ Current Japan-North Korea Relations
    Current Japan-North Korea relations are even more serious. In an exclusive interview ...
  • Opinion/ Malaysian Dignity and Punishing Pakatan
    Make no mistake, the Tanjong Piai by-election is a severe punishment to Pakatan. BN a...
  • Opinion/ Tanjung Piai, the burial ground for defeated elephant
    Whichever side that loses will likely remain down and out for a long time to come, an...

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