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  • Features/ Israel's drone industry becomes global force
    In a fierce battle for market share against world superpowers China and the United St...
  • Features/ Los Angeles: Hollywood, palm trees and urban oil fields
    For most outsiders, Los Angeles is all about Hollywood, palm trees and sunny skies.
  • Features/ Autistic boy's beautiful world of painting
    With exceptional patience, Eric Lai coached autistic boy Yee Jia Xian step by step to...
  • Features/ Woman wrestlers
    Bolivian wrestler Ana Luisa Yujra (R), aka "Jhenifer Two Faces", a member of the Figh...
  • Features/ Christmas Market
    The Christmas Market in Frankfurt am Main, western Germany.
  • Features/ Trash heroes to the rescue of Ipoh's environment
    “To us, cleaning the rubbish is not hard. What is difficult is to educate the people ...
  • Features/ In US, plant-based diet easier than ever, even at Thanksgiving
    When Elysabeth Alfano hosts a Thanksgiving dinner for 12 next week at her home in Los...
  • Features/ Riding high on Myanmar's human-powered Ferris wheels
    Aung careers towards the ground, hanging from one arm on the basket of one of Myanmar...
  • Features/ At Instagram hotspot, LOLs trump likes
    Crammed into a supermarket trolley, Kiki Malliora squealed with laughter as she rolle...
  • Features/ Flower field
    A flower field in Pingchang district in Taoyuan, northern Taiwan.
  • Features/ He wants work, not sympathy
    Physically challenged Melaka car foreman by the name of Pak Busu does not yearn for y...
  • Features/ Vegetable farming for autistic children
    Although the vegetable farm could only have a modest harvest at this moment, it has n...

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