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Uninstalling hatred, rebooting harmonious Malaysia

Sinar Harian publisher Datuk Dr Hussamuddin Yaacub urges Malaysians to return to the Rukun Negara in addressing the many issues that have plagued the country and undermined interracial relations through his "Uninstalling hatred, rebooting harmonious Malaysia" campaign.

Dr Hussamuddin, who is also Kumpulan Karangkraf group managing director, saw that all the hatred and division among Malaysians of different ethnic origins have been the consequence of moral depravation in our society today.

He admits that Malaysians irrespective of race and religion who have been living in this country in relative peace and harmony for so long, now feel disenchanted that such a harmonious relationship comes under severe threat, and that we need to revert to the inner values deep inside us in a bid to create a more glorious world for us all for as long as we are alive.

All Malaysians -- Malays, Chinese, Indians, baby boomers, generation X, millennials, etc. -- were all born equal and were created as human beings who need to interact, communicate and cooperate with one another. We need to connect and engage. Without communication, we will live in our own worlds within the cocoons of our own prejudices and misperceptions. We are unwilling to listen and understand other people, thus allowing hatred to build up over time.

Our materialistic demands and crave for power, wealth and egoism have brought down this country.

The national solidarity challenge is a tough one. Dr Hussamuddin has made up his mind to voice out loudly all alone because of his love for this country, even though he is well aware of the fact that such a move will raise doubts among people who will question his motive and may even confront him because of this.

Many Malaysians share his disappointment, especially after a spate of negative developments since 2018.

On the education front, we have the issues of UEC recognition and teaching of Jawi calligraphy at vernacular schools, plus the more recent incidents over CNY decorations and ponggal festival celebration. Such bickerings are highly unproductive and divisive.

Hussamuddin also laments that journalistic ethics are no longer cherished as some media organizations begin carrying unverified, racist and biased reports. All this will only accentuate the already serious intercommunity skepticism and squabbles.

If we don't rectify such irresponsible mindset, this country will remain very much the same 10 or 20 years down the road. As Malaysians, the most important question we should ask ourselves is whether our responsibility for the well-being and harmony of this country has been discharged in full.

While there are many of all religions who lecture about social integrity, what we invariably see are deviations, abuse of power, corruption and manipulation of believers for own benefit, among others.

"Uninstalling hatred, rebooting harmonious Malaysia" initiative should serve as a solution to address the many problems this country is now facing, and as a catalyst to catapult Malaysians irrespective of race and religion into reviving and restoring the lost value system, morality and merits as outlined by our Rukun Negara.

All the intercommunity quarrels that we see so much today have been the result of the collapse of our Rukun Negara or national principles, including our loss of trust in God, loyalty to the King and country, the spirit to uphold the supremacy of the Constitution and the trashing of courtesy and morality.

Only by restoring the Rukun Negara will this country see its salvation.

As such, Hussamuddin urges fellow Malaysians to take the drastic step to restore national harmony by re-establishing the value system and morality in our multicultural society.

People like Dong Zong etc. have the obligation to convey this vital message to the local Chinese community while the Malay leaders should inform the Malay community of the concerns raised by people from other ethnic communities or religions.

1. We should pause and look into us and reflect on ourselves whether we are upholding the value of national harmony.

2. Contemplate how we can undo our mistakes which have for so long been left unredressed.

3. Revert to the common ground of Rukun Negara.

4. Create our own dots and activate the "reboot harmonious Malaysia" process.

5. Act as an agent of national harmony by way of consensus, consultation and celebrating our differences together.

Download the full statement by Datuk Dr Hussamuddin Yaacub in BM: Surat Buat Pencinta Negara.pdf

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