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2020-01-22 16:06:36  2205606
DAP veteran feels sad, helpless for party

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 (Sin Chew Daily) -- DAP veteran Liew Ah Kim expressed his frustration at the party on his Facebook.

"As a veteran of DAP, when I ask where the party is headed to now, it must be not just a small problem.

"And now you are putting all the blame on the Chinese community which has supported your growth all these years. You are destroying the ground upon which you are now standing.

"When you are completely naked, what else do you have to negotiate for?

"I feel helpless for the party. I feel sad for those who are high up in position. You are like a piece of meat awaiting to be cut up.

"Where are those who fought so hard in the front line to defend the community's constitutional rights? The 'Malaysian Malaysia' song is dead forever!"

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