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2020-02-21 14:06:05  2220787
Wong Chen: 'Big day' on PH transition plan

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 21 (Sin Chew Daily) -- Member of Parliament for Subang Wong Chen said today would be the "big day" on Pakatan Harapan's transition plan.

He tweeted that an announcement is expected to be made after the PH presidential council at 10.30 p.m. tonight.

"Today is suppose to be the 'big day' on the Pakatan Harapan transition plan. Will PH announce the PM handover date from Dr Mahathir to Anwar Ibrahim? Or will it announce something else? Whatever it is, an announcement is expected to be made at 10.30 pm tonight.

"If a date is not announced, it will be status quo of Anwar will be PM 'after APEC'. And we will return to be distracted by persistent stories of SDs and a backdoor government. In fact, these stories will gather steam, and play into the hands of Umno and PAS.

"Bottomline, the PH leadership can make a stand today or they can defer a decision to another day. Whatever they decide, they must know that there will be political and economic consequences."

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