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Are frontliners serving the nation being treated unfairly?

Just few days ago our Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin described the health personnel and other frontliners nationwide as the 'our national heroes'. He spoke about their invaluable and immense sacrifice for the nation and the risks they were taking by being in the front line of the pandemic. He was speaking here not just of healthcare professionals like doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other health care workers, but also of the police, armed forces, food delivery drivers, supermarket workers, restaurant cooks, security guards, cleaners, garbage collectors and many others who protect us and keep our nation functioning in this time of crisis.

It is hence extremely painful to read the updated TASKA guidelines/SOP from the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development--"Panduan Pencegahan Penularan COVID-19 Pasca Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Bagi Keselamatan Warga Taman Asuhan Kanak-Kanak (TASKA)"(Download the guidelines and SOP here: TASKA guidelines & SOP.pdf)

In Appendix 12, Section 2.1.2 it reads "Anak-anak frontliners adalah berisiko tinggi untuk mendapat jangkitan daripada ibu bapa mereka. Tempat yang paling selamat untuk anak-anak ini adalah penjagaan di rumah. Walau bagaimanapun, sekiranya anak-anak petugas frontliners dihantar ke Taska, mereka perlu diasingkan daripada anak-anak yang lain."

This SOP, revised 22nd May 2020, was circulated by Welfare Ministry officers. We have confirmed with sources in the ministry that this an official revised edition (copy of the document is attached for the media).

In essence this statement is a 'slap in the face' of all the frontliners in the country. It communicates that "yes we want your hard work, sacrifice and the risk to your own health and that of your family, but we are not going to be there for your children". Your children are 'contaminated' and should be segregated, preferably not even welcome to a nursery or child care center.

The very individuals who desperately require child care, so that they can serve us at this critical time, are being denied this. We wonder if the Ministry of Health (MOH) was consulted regarding such a policy decision?

It looks like frontliners will have to walk around like lepers of old with bells around their necks to warn everyone or shout out "unclean".

That such a policy statement can come from the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (KPWKM) is of concern. This ministry should be protecting the rights of all children and their parents, not eroding it and sending a message of non-inclusion and segregation.

What message are we giving to the public at large about all frontliners? Are we to shun them in all contexts like outcasts? Such thinking can easily spread to other areas. It also speaks of the way we have treated our migrant workers, their families and children recently, even after their service to our nation.

We appeal to the Prime Minister to please urgently rectify this unfair decision by KPWKM and bring back inclusion to our nursery and child care centers. Frontliners will continue to serve the nation. Please support our children and families and treat them with dignity.

This letter is signed by the following pediatricians and supported by the Malaysian Pediatric Association:

1. Dato' Dr Amar-Singh HSS, [email protected]

2. Dr Khoo Kim Kea, [email protected]

3. Datuk Dr Zulkifli Ismail, email [email protected]

4. Dr Too Jun Kin, [email protected]

5. Dr Hishamshah Ibrahim, [email protected]

6. Dr Sithra Rengasamy, [email protected]

7. Dr Muhammad Hadhrami Mohd Hussain, [email protected]

8. Dr Chow Lai Yin, [email protected]

9. Dato' Dr Musa Mohd Nordin, [email protected]

10. Dr Yap Hsiao Ling, [email protected]

11. Dr Zahilah Filzah Zulkifli, [email protected]

12. Dr Nalini M Selveindran, [email protected]

13. Professor Dr Wan Ariffin Abdullah, [email protected]

14. Dr Teh Siao Hean, [email protected]

15. Dr Thiyagar Nadarajaw, [email protected]

16. Dr Ng Hoong Phak, [email protected]

17. Professor Dr Muhammad Yazid Jalaludin, [email protected]

18. Dr Lim Ti Bian, [email protected]

19. Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan, [email protected]

20. Dr Syed Abdul Khaliq Syed Abd Hamid, [email protected]

21. Dr Lai Boon Foo, [email protected]

22. Dato Dr Siti Khadijah Tun Hamdan, [email protected]

23. Dr Philip Raja, [email protected]

24. Dr Chin Saw Sian, [email protected]

25. Dr Mohamed Najib, [email protected]

26. Dr Sindhu Viswanathan, [email protected]

27. Dr Lee Khai Yin, [email protected]

28. Dr Lee Kim Seng, [email protected]

29. Dr Fahisham Taib, [email protected]

30. Dr Thong Siew Peng, [email protected]

31. Dr Intan Juliana Abd Hamid, [email protected]

32. Dr Tan Poh Tin, Kuching, [email protected]

33. Dr Chong Sze Yee, [email protected]

34. Dr Ng Su Yuen, [email protected]

35. Dr Ding Sook Ling, [email protected]

36. Dr. Sheila Gopal Krishnan, [email protected]

37. Dr Chua Bee Sim, [email protected]

38. Dr Malini Mahalingam, [email protected]

39. Dr Selva Kumar Sivapunniam, [email protected]

40. Dr Jeyaseelan P. Nachiappan, [email protected]

41. Dr Wee Ai Leen, [email protected]

42. Dr Mohd Iqbal Iyen, [email protected]

43. Dr Kamala Felecia, [email protected]

44. Dr Arathi Kailasam, [email protected]

45. Dr Wong Woan Yiing, [email protected]

46. Dr Nickson Tai Boon Khean, [email protected]

47. Dr Tiew Wah Tin, [email protected]

48. Dr Victor Gong Hee Hung, [email protected]

49. Dr Azhar bin Napis, [email protected]

50. Dr Haema Shunmugarajoo, [email protected]

51. Dr Tan May Loong, [email protected]

52. Dr Hew Khor Farn, [email protected]

53. Dr. Agnes Suganthi Thinakaran, [email protected]

54. Dr Sangeetha Siniah, [email protected]

55. Dr Angelina Amaladoss, [email protected]

56. Dr Koh Lee Min, [email protected]

57. Dr Suria Emilia Suhana Othman Tan, [email protected]

58. Dr. Rajini Sarvananthan, Kuala Lumpur, [email protected]

59. Dr Tan Lay Zye, KL, [email protected]

60. Dr Anand Mohan, [email protected]

61. Dr Sathiajothy S, [email protected]

62. Dr Tan Yuong Chie, [email protected]

63. Dr Tang Swee Ping, [email protected]

64. Dr Shamini Vijayan, [email protected]

65. Dr Tan Yuong Chin, [email protected]

66. Dr Lynster Liaw Chiew Tung, [email protected]

67. Dr Victor Gong Hee Hung, [email protected]

68. Dr Sheila Marimuthu, [email protected]

69. Dr Lo Wan-Yi, [email protected]

70. Dr Hung Liang Choo, [email protected]

71. Dr Tang Swee Fong, [email protected]

72. Dr. Fauziah Zainal Abidin, [email protected]

73. Dr Mohamad Ikram Ilias, [email protected]

74. Datin Dr Noor Khatijah Nurani, [email protected]

75. Dr Ong Eng Joe, [email protected]

76. Dr Rakhee Yadav, [email protected]

77. Dr Chin Sheau Yin, [email protected]

78. Dr Hieu Yu Jin, [email protected]

79. Dr Yasmin Talib, [email protected]

80. Dr Sheena Davahran, [email protected]

81. Dr Muhamad Azamin Anuar, [email protected]

82. Dr Faisal Mohd Fadzli, [email protected]

83. Dr Lee Pei Yin, [email protected]

84. Dr Charlotte Sundaraj, [email protected]

85. Dr Kavetha Ramalingam, [email protected]

86. Dr Zafri Ismadi bin Mohd Anis, [email protected]

87. Dr Kok Juan Loong, [email protected]

88. Dr Su Siew Choo, [email protected]

89. Dr Aina Mariana Abdul Manaf, [email protected]

90. Dr Shalini Shanmugam, [email protected]

91. Dr Lee Mei Ling, [email protected]

92. Dr Mohammad Iqbal bin Mohammad Sarwar, [email protected]

93. Dr Maryamjameelah binti Razali, [email protected]

94. Dr Vaishnavi Nadesonmulu, [email protected]

95. Dr Irene Cheah, [email protected]

96. Dr Pravin a/l Sugunan @ Vasanthan, [email protected]

97. Dr Khoo Keh Bin, [email protected]

98. Dr Yong Lai Peng, [email protected]

99. Dr Ng Yi-Ki, [email protected]

100. Dr Azanna Ahmad Kamar, [email protected]

101. Dr Erwin Khoo, [email protected]

102. Dr Cham Weng Tarng, [email protected]

103. Dr Khoo Boo Aik, [email protected]

104. Dr Mohd Hanafi Bin Sapian, [email protected]

105. Dr Yap Yok Chin, [email protected]

106. Dr Neoh Siew Hong, [email protected]

107. Dr Choong Pheik Sian, [email protected]

108. Dr Sangeet Sidhu, [email protected]

109. Dr Louise Ngu, [email protected]

110. Dr Nithia Kamala, [email protected]

111. Dr Thanasegar, [email protected]

112. Dr Wong May Foong, [email protected]

113. Dr Gan Yeen Zou, [email protected]

114. Dr Wan Khairina bt Wan Mohd Nowalid, [email protected]

115. Dr Chin Wai Seong, [email protected]

116. Dr Ngian Geok Hoon, [email protected]

117. Dr Tan E-va, [email protected]

118. Dr Wang Shiak Er, [email protected]

119. Dr Farhana Syazwani Abdul Rahman, [email protected]

120. Dr E Hui Chean, [email protected]

121. Dr Alexis Anand Dass Lordudass, [email protected]

122. Dr Khairunnisa Khalil, [email protected]

123. Dr Khiu Fu Lung, [email protected]

124. Dr Chan Lee Gaik, [email protected]

125. Dr Teh Sheau Loei, [email protected]

126. Dr Intan Nor Chahaya bt Shukor, [email protected]

127. Dr Calvin Pang Eu Chuan, [email protected]

128. Dr Sabeera Begum, [email protected]

129. Dr Chong Phaik Khee, [email protected]

130. Dr Ranjini S Sivanesom, [email protected]

131. Dr Hoe Tuck Sang

132. Datin Dr Mardziah Alias, [email protected]

133. Dr Eni Juraida Abdul Rahman, [email protected]

134. Dr Norzila Mohamed Zainudin, [email protected]

135. Dr Haifa Abdul Latif IJN Cardiology [email protected]

136. Dr Kamarul Azahar bin Mohd Razali, [email protected]

137. Dr Amirtha Vahini Chinadurai, [email protected]

138. Assoc Prof Dr Wong Sau Wei, [email protected]

139. Dr Woon Teck Kim, [email protected]

140. Dr Bilkis Banu Abdul Aziz, [email protected]

141. Dr Wan Jazilah Wan Ismail, [email protected]

142. Dr Rohana Jaafar, [email protected]

143. Prof Dr Syed Zulkifli Syed Zakaria, [email protected]

144. Dr Chan Boon Huat, [email protected]

145. Dr Ong Gek Bee, [email protected]

146. Dr Selvakumar Sivapunniam, [email protected]

147. Dr Hasanah Ishak, [email protected]

148. Dr Fauziah Zainal Abidin, [email protected]

149. Dr Fadzillah Ghazalli, [email protected]

150. Dr Yong Junina Fadzil, [email protected]

151. Dr Zarina Abdul Latiff, [email protected]

152. Dr Rosnah bt Taha, [email protected]

153. Dr Zainah Shaikh [email protected], [email protected]

154. Dr Pong Kwai Meng, [email protected]

155. Dr Hamidah Alias, [email protected]

156. Dr Baizura Jamaluddin, [email protected]

157. Dr Aina Mariana Abdul Manaf, [email protected]

158. Dr Roliza Ibrahim, [email protected]

159. Dr Lee Hak Teong, [email protected]

160. Dr Nor Mahani binti Harun, [email protected]

161. Dr Hasri Hafidz, [email protected]

162. Dr Lai Mei Wah, [email protected]

163. Dr Noor Hayati bt Mohd Sharif, [email protected]

164. Dr Foong Kin Wai, [email protected]

165. Dr Mohd Zaini b Abd Hamid, [email protected]

166. Dr Norliza Ali, [email protected]

167. Dr Faezah M Jamil, [email protected]

168. Dr Chen Seong Joon, [email protected]

169. Dr Asmunni bin Yahya, [email protected]

170. Dr Lim Yin Sear, [email protected]

171. Dr Johan Aref Jamaluddin, [email protected]

172. Dr Wong Chee Yeng, [email protected]

173. Dr Matthew Chong Hon Loon, [email protected]

174. Dr Veronica Poulsaeman, [email protected]

175. Dr Mohamed Najib bin Mohamed, [email protected]

176. Dr Lee Pei Chuen, [email protected]

177. Dr Azlyzan Abdul Ghani, [email protected]

178. Dr Florence Bakon, [email protected]

179. Dr Yiaw Kian Mun, [email protected]

180. Dr Boekhren Karyostyko bin Borhanuddin, [email protected]

181. Dr Thavani Thavarajasingam

182. Dr Muhammad Ghazali bin Ahmad Narihan, [email protected]

183. Dr Tiew Wah Tin, [email protected]

184. Dr Norashikin Mohd Ranai, [email protected]

185. Dr Thong Pui Ling, [email protected]

186. Dr Arfizah bt Arshad, [email protected]

187. Dr Farizan Abd Ghani, [email protected]

188. Dr Khoo Hui Lynn, [email protected]

189. Dr Mohd Izzuan Ishak, [email protected]

190. Dr Syazwani binti Samsudin, [email protected]

191. Dr Zafri Ismadi bin Mohd Anis, [email protected]

192. Dr Hanizam bin Kamyon, [email protected]

193. Dr Nur Azah Mohd Isa, [email protected]

194. Dr Farin Bt Masra, [email protected]

195. Dr Liana Yusof, [email protected]

196. Dr Siti Akma Ishak

197. Dr Tan Jen Ern, [email protected]

198. Dr Dayang Noryanti Yusof, [email protected]

199. Dr Siti Sarah Aishah binti Suhaidi, [email protected]

200. Dr Saw Shi Hui Hospital, [email protected]

201. Dr Nurdiyana Nasrudin, [email protected]

202. Dr Chiam Tow Swan

203. Dr Siti Aishah Saidin, [email protected]

204. Dr Grace Chow Kam Yoke, [email protected]

205. Dr Quek Li Yun, [email protected]

206. Dr Lai Boon Hai, [email protected]

207. Dr See Kwee Ching, [email protected]

208. Dr Vimaljit Kaur A/P Sangat Singh, [email protected]

209. Dr Chua Ker Yang, [email protected]

210. Dr Hasaruddin Ridzal Hanafi, [email protected]

211. Dr Choong Chee Liang, [email protected]

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