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Opposition urges cross-party meeting on Budget


PETALING JAYA, Oct 28 (Sin Chew Daily) -- DAP chairman Tan Kok Wai said prime minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin should take the initiative to hold a roundtable meeting of leaders from parties on both sides of the political divide on the upcoming 2021 Budget.

He told Sin Chew Daily the 2021 Budget must meet the expectations of all Malaysians and not just a specific group of people.

"We agree that the country is currently facing the dual dilemma of worsening coronavirus pandemic as well as a sluggish national economy. The 2021 Budget will outline the country's financial and economic strategies over the next one year and it must address the above two main problems in a bid to help Malaysians weather the current crisis.

"As we are willing to work with Perikatan Nasional over the Budget, the government must also display some sincerity and take the initiative to hold a cross-party meeting to discuss the Budget."

In the meantime, Amanah deputy president Datuk Seri Salahuddin Ayub said Muhyiddin should convene a meeting of all parties to show his respect for the country's parliamentary democracy system.

He said the opposition had already expressed its willingness to support the call of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong to set aside their differences to support the 2021 Budget.

"And since His Majesty has urged all parties to focus on the Budget, why can't Muhyiddin hold a meeting of leaders from different parties to discuss it?

"What is he busy with now? Trying to rope in the support of BN? Didn't Umno say in a statement it would continue to support the PN government?"

Salahuddin said if Muhyiddin is reluctant to hold a cross-party meeting on the Budget, the opposition will table a no-confidence motion against him in the coming parliamentary sitting.

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