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Will Anwar or Annuar be the next PM?


By Prof Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi

In this article, I will argue that Annuar Musa may be our next prime minister.

I know this may come as a surprise to many who are placing bets on Muhyiddin (or is it Mahiaddin, I am one confused citizen!) or Anwar.

For clarity, I will now use Tan Sri M to represent the present prime minister until I find out which name is really his and how I can honor him with the name of his choice.

As Umno is split into two, I will refer to the Umno minister cluster as the Sheraton-Umno because this faction was born of that move by other people.

The present Umno, I will just refer to as Umno.

With respect to my reasons for predicting that Anwar will fail in his bid to be the PM, I have written much already.

In summary, Anwar has made a poor showing on three occasions. The first bid by Anwar to be PM was to remove Mahathir without first settling his own PKR internal implosions. Anwar failed.

The second was his dramatic announcement that he had the support of a majority of Malay MPs but he failed to realize that Umno led by Zahid was only a paper president, because he does not command the minister cluster.

The third bid was the Budget where again he was not able to convincingly defeat the count.

Thus, in political grading, Anwar is not showing to be a 'winnable candidate'.

I have no doubts that Anwar would perhaps make an excellent prime minister for Malaysia but as a war strategist, he is wanting. He is not able to even come to terms with Pejuang, MUDA, Warisan and GPS.

Mahathir is only one man and Anwar's 90 something MP strength can't even fight that.

So, who is Anwar going into the battle with in GE15? Of course, he may keep a few cards close to his chest but many already peeked at those cards and know who they are because there aren't that many cards left in the deck.

Now, why do I say that Annuar Musa will be our next PM?

We can all see that Tan Sri M holds the PN coalition with his unchallenged power over money, positions and institutions.

Malaysia is truly the sick man of Asia and the world, as we, the people, have let politicians create a web of GLCs, positions, grants and institutions under the powerful office of the PM created by none other than the old man himself, Tun M.

Now, let us paint a gaming scenario of what may happen within the next few months before the 15th general election and after the election, well…if there ever will be an election.

One scenario is that Zahid will be eased out by the Sheraton-Umno and Annuar will come out as the de facto leader or even the new Umno president.

Look at how Annuar has mapped out his campaign. He has a letter that is said to be from Zahid committing Umno to working with PKR and DAP.

How did he get such a letter which must be confidential?

Now we hear of a recorded telephone conversation purportedly between Zahid and Anwar chatting like pals immediately after the Umno assembly.

Again, I wonder who could have the technology to record a private phone conversation?

I have seen movies where the FBI uses some incredible audio listening device that can be pointed directly at the speaker. I have also seen movies where the CIA satellite can capture the sound waves and be listened to on another device.

Can you get these equipment from Shopee or Lazada? Whatever it is, Annuar's campaign to discredit Zahid as the traitor for working with DAP and Anwar is gaining much traction.

Of all the ministers in the Sheraton-Umno, Annuar Musa is the most vocal and sharp against Zahid's floundering denials and fumbling answers.

Annuar has set himself up against any rival such as Tok Mat, Zahid or any other to be the leader of Umno.

Once he has secured that objective, then the Sheraton-Umno will become the Umno who will do the bidding of PPBM…for now.

Once the election is over and Umno has a strong number, Annuar will probably ask PAS to join Umno and kick PPBM out with their Sheraton friends.

We may see Hadi Awang as the deputy prime minister with Annuar Musa as the leader of Malaysia.

Why not? PAS has shown it is a party of opportunity. PAS had been friends with DAP and then turned against it. The party had been friends with Anwar and PKR and then turned against both of them. PAS had also been friends with Zahid and Umno and now they reject the two…just like that.

What is it to stop that opportunist party from throwing PPBM out and reforge the original coalition of Muafakat Nasional?

Where is our present PM or Tan Sri M in this formula? Where is Azmin the Political Broker in this end game scenario? I am not sure but they will definitely not be anywhere near the two coveted seats of Malaysian politics.

Annuar is certainly, in my book, the man of the hour.

So, if I were a businessman, I would be asking Google Maps to Annuar's and Hadi's homes for the social 'ziarah'. That is a 'good' investment in Malaysian standard operating procedure of success.

(Professor Dr. Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi is Professor at a local university.)

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