12:30pm 01/09/2021
Over 100 Malays clean up a SJKC hit by flash flood in Jerai
Desks, chairs and furniture are placed under the sun for drying. (UiTM PHOTO CENTRE FACEBOOK)

SUNGAI PETANI Aug 31 (Sin Chew Daily) — More than 100 Malays clean up a Chinese primary school in Yan covered with mud after a mudslide and flash flood in Gunung Jerai area on August 18.

Like many buildings, homes, roads and bridges, SJK (C) York Khoon, the 100-year-old Chinese primary school in Yan, was damaged by the flash flood after heavy rain led to massive volume of water plunging down from Gunung Jerai. 

Classrooms and the school field were covered with thick layers of mud.

Volunteers move a damaged bookshelf out of the school. (UiTM PHOTO CENTRE FACEBOOK)

More than 100 Malays from Pertubuhan Ikatan Muafakat Serumpun Malaysia and students from Universiti Teknologi Mara in Shah Alam and its branch campus in Merbok spent long hours cleaning up SJK (C) York Khoon.

Damaged furniture and garbage were discarded with a lorry and high-pressure water pumps were used to wash off the mud. They also cleaned furniture, desks and chairs covered with mud.

Liu Chun Wan, chairman of the school board, said it was the worst flood so far as the entire school was covered with four to five inches of mud and sand.

Cleaning work at SJK (C) York Khoon in Yan is now 80% complete. (UiTM PHOTO CENTRE FACEBOOK)

He was thankful that a group of Malay volunteers helped clean up the school.

“We are still cleaning up now even though the flood occurred some two weeks ago.

“We were unable to clear all the mud inside the school for many days. The alumni of the school posted the school’s situation on Facebook and the Malay organization and UiTM contacted us to offer to clean up the school.

“The cleaning work is about 80% complete so far,” said Liu.

The Chinese primary school has 14 pupils whereby three are Chinese while the rest are Malays.

High pressure water pump is used to wash the mud off furniture and equipment in the school. (UiTM PHOTO CENTRE FACEBOOK)




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